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 Short Introduction of Shahmama Foundation

updated in Sept 2022

The word “Shahmama” comes from the name of the great statue of Buddha in Bamyan (a province of Afghanistan) which was destroyed by Taliban. “Shahmoama” is a nonprofit organization that resumed its operation in the Netherlands in March 2003 and was officially registered as  “Shahmoama Publication Center” in Holland in Jan. 2005. In November 2008 it evolved to Afghan Social Development Foundation. With its non-commercial and non-political nature, the organization has a range of cultural, social and educational activities. Shahmoama is spelled as “Sahamama” in the website and in social media.

Shahmama cooperates with all social groups and individuals that are combating for bringing peace, security, democracy and social justice in Afghanistan. We believe that intellectuals and educated Afghans may have significant roles in bringing changes in the situation of Afghanistan. Women preserve a special preference in our activities and in this mission, we serve any movement that supports women’s rights in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, we facilitate various opportunities for Afghan women to reflect their ideas through their books and publications.

Education is a considerable issue for Shahmama and this foundation would like to facilitate preparation of educational materials for school children, illiterates and either universities by supporting Afghan former university teachers and writers in the westerns countries. We encourage educated and experienced Afghans abroad to become active and support Afghanistan by publishing their experience and knowledge so they could play notable roles in rebuilding their country. We are facilitating them to publish their knowledge and ideas.

At the beginning of Sept. 2022, Shahmama Foundation announced Afghan musicians and singer to make an archive of “Database of Afghanistan’s Music” and is looking for their cooperations. This would become possible and arranged via the support of Nashenas’ Music donated to Shahmama Foundation..

Achievements since 2003:

Shajmama’s Achievements since 2003:

-  participating in preparing and publishing of around 250 title books of Afghan writers;

-  publishing 13 volumes of “Nehal” educational & informational children’s magazine and a few children books;

- coordinating cultural activities of Afghan organizations in Europe;

–  implementing the Afghan Women Bike Project in Kabul, sponsored by Cordaid;

-  Cheraghdaran (The torch bearers) , introduces well-known Afghan cultural and scientific faces and their activities;

-  preparing & publishing a literacy book (99 Steps, 2 volumes in 2 versions, textbooks and workbooks in 99 lessons) that is written by Mr. E. Sorosh, compiled by Shahmama Publishings;

–   preparing video reportages of cultural activities, a video over disabled people in Ghazni, Afghanistan and many video clips concerning events in Afghanistan;

FARASU.NET is a cultural and informational website, since 2015, which is supported by Shahmama Foundation, (volunteer);

achieving the copy-rights of publishing many books published via Shahmama;

supporting the brilliant artists by publishing their books, arranging programs, making interviews and presenting them in the social media;

getting the honor of working as the representative of the great singer and musician of Afghanistan, Dr. S. Fitrat Nashenas, preparing and managing his official website,Facebook (Melodies of Nashenas)Soundcloud “Nashenas“, Instagram “fitratnashenas“, YouTube channel (Shahmama & Melodies of Nashenas); SongCast music publishing membership;  also collecting most of his song’s database in a book “Melodies of Nashenas” including his biography. In June 2020 Dr. Fitrat Nashenas wrote and presented his Will and Testament of his Art Works in the name of Shahmama Foundation and specified Manizha Naderi (director of Shahmama Foundation) for taking his media works responsibility.

preparing the opportunity for publishing books of Afghan well-known writers who are in the country or are refuged to Iran, Pakistan and needs support, whose works are censored and are not supported to publish.

– preparation for creating Afghanistan’s Music Database to make a coyright source database.


– Shahmama’s activities are volunteer, with the exception of the branch of Shamama’s Publishings which is now under the coverage of the company “Tasweer” in Holland, and is a part volunteer work, depends to the importance of the work;

– Shahmama is not responsible for the copy rights of materials, presented by individuals/associations to be published in their works (books, visual and audial materials);

– Shahmama informs writers not to use copyrighted materials;

– Shahmama archives any published work;

– Shahmama is responsible in keeping the privacy of any material (text, visual, audial) and may publish it after getting the permission of the owner of the work;

– Shahmama is not responsible for the content of the book and maintains its neutrality in publishing the works of authors;

– Shahmama does not cooperate in publishing works defending war criminals.

Note: Since Shahmama works for Afghanistan, most of the materials in the archives of its website are in Persian.