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Introduction to “Shahmama”بنیاد ”شاهمامه”

Shahmama (Shahmoama), Afghan Social Development Foundation, based in The Netherlands. Shahmama social and cultural foundation is an independent and none political center. Shahmama is planning to have social and cultural developmental projects inside Afghanistan. The word “Shahmama” comes from the name of the great statue of Buddha (35m) in Bamyan …

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Achievements of Shahmama 2003 – 2015 ۲۰۰۳ – ۲۰۱۵ دستاورد های بنیاد شاهمامه

  participating in preparing and publishing of more than 90 books of Afghan writers abroad Afghanistan, including 9 scientific & educational books, 7 in literature, 24 books in history, politics and philosophy, 35 poetry & 10 story books, 10 books about memories and rememdbrances ;   publishing 13 volumes of “Nehal” educational …

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